Lebo M opens up about being hungry and penniless in America

06 May 2019 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Lebo M kept his hopes up, even when the situation seemed dire.
Lebo M kept his hopes up, even when the situation seemed dire.
Image: Via Lebo M's Instagram

Musician and producer Lebo M may be known around the world for his work on The Lion King, but there was a time when he was really down and out, hungry and begging in Los Angeles.

The star has come to call that city, among other places, home for several years, and taking to social media recently he detailed his experiences during his early times in the city.

He recounted how, about 34 years ago, he was a "refugee in America", hungry and begging.

"When I first moved to Los Angeles, in 1985/86, corner Hollywood and Vine was my spot. I spent hours there, hungry and begging for food ... as a refugee in America".

He said that throughout his struggles he had his eyes set on Capitol Records, where he hoped to one day impress execs.

"(I) kept my eye on that Capitol Records logo and building, telling myself, 'one day, I’ll enter that building a somebody, doing what I love and spread love'."

He said he finally entered the building recently with some of the world's leading musicians, including composer and record producer Hans Zimmer.

"I finally entered the iconic Capitol Records building, not only to work, doing what I love, but with the people I love and have been at it, doing this music hustle thingie with for ages. Never stop dreaming."