'Kukithi La's' Peggy goes to war with her relatives over a house

10 May 2019 - 09:07 By Kyle Zeeman
Penny Lebyane is a host on 'Kukithi La'.
Penny Lebyane is a host on 'Kukithi La'.
Image: Instagram/Penny Lebyane

Morake and his siblings are gatvol of their niece, who is intent on fighting them for the family home, and turned to Moja Love's hit reality show, Kukithi La, to try to find a resolution.

Peggy moved into the house with her mom years ago, but when her mom died, she continued to stay in the house.

The problem is her uncles and aunts felt she was not maintaining the house or contributing to it.

So they decided to give her the boot. 

Of course, sis wasn't happy with the developments and fought back. And man, did she fight.

Thursday night's episode was filled with arguments and more shouting than an Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs match.

While it threatened to come to blows, Peggy asked that she be left alone to live her best life.

But on Twitter, fans of the show were not convinced and flooded TLs with memes and messages about the drama.

Many slammed Peggy, calling her spoilt, while some said sis should be left to live in peace.