'Nobody asked you!'- Inside Emtee’s heated showdown with a fan

15 May 2019 - 15:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Rapper Emtee sent one of his followers back to his lane with a spicy clapback.
Rapper Emtee sent one of his followers back to his lane with a spicy clapback.
Image: Instagram/ Emtee

Another unassuming fan found himself in the middle of a spicy showcase courtesy of Emtee, after he offered his unsolicited opinion of the rapper's latest EP.

The follower, who was clearly a fan, commented under Emtee's Instagram post saying that he didn't think that DIY 2 was "the sh*",  at least not when he compared the EP to Emtee's other projects like Avery and Manando.

"Ay ngeke bafo compared to Avery and Manado, this one sucked, bra," he said.

It's surprising that after all the spicy clapbacks rapper has served on these social media  streets, there are some people that think they have "freedom of speech" where he's concerned.

Emtee came back all spicy on some: "Nobody asked you bruh! Make music, let's see how many copies you gon' sell since you are so smart."

When the guy tried to explain that he was just making an observation and was a fan of Emtee's music, the rapper threw one last fireball at him. You know, for ambience!

"Uya*** ke manje mfana wam. You seem like a good kid. Don't do this to yourself in front of phamb'kwabantu," he closed off the exchange.

Whether the fire was called for is a debate that for another day because the rapper was clearly over it the minute he typed that reply.

He's back to living his best life and "trappin' everywhere he goes".

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