Skolopad still needs two more surgeries to be completely okay

15 May 2019 - 06:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Skolopad went in for an operation.
Skolopad went in for an operation.
Image: Instagram/Skolopad

The road to recovery is often a lengthy one, especially when you meet unexpected complications - that has been the case for Skolopad, who had her first operation on Tuesday and still has two more ahead.

The socialite, who told TshisaLIVE that she hasn't been the same physically since her car crash in September last year, had an operation on her leg to remove screws that had been put in to help join her bones that had separated during the accident.

"I had my procedure this morning. I was originally scheduled for a bone graft but after much thought, and the pain and recovery time associated with it, I changed my mind and asked the doctor to just take out the screws instead. So, this wasn't as painful and the recovery time is less. But I will have to come back for another operation on the knee and another on the same leg," she explained.

Dressed in the hospital gown with no makeup, Skolopad said that she dreaded the other operations but was grateful for the kind treatment she was receiving at the hospital she's in.

Having recently put her scars on display in a photo shoot, Skolopad also said she's learnt to accept the big "scary scars" as part of the package.

And, although she's faced some amount of body shaming, she was confident enough to still rock her Skolopad outfits.

For her, when she's being herself fully (ie: in the nude) she's her happiest!