Three big hints that Babes and Mampintsha reunited before 'mediation'

16 May 2019 - 14:01 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Babes Wodumo has long been hinting that she has reunited with Mampintsha.
Babes Wodumo has long been hinting that she has reunited with Mampintsha.
Image: Instagram/Babes Wodumo

A Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha love reunion? After both appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of assault, many were shocked when the couple was referred for mediation, something they agreed to.

The state of their relationship was again in the spotlight, as many questioned whether they were back together, especially after footage of Babes dancing in court went viral.

TshisaLIVE reported that Mampintsha's manager said the two were back together, calling the fight, which was broadcast on Babes' Instagram page and allegedly showed Mampintsha hitting her, a "lover's spat".

"When you are in a relationship with someone and you have different personalities, things can happen. People are waiting for them to fight and go at each other, but they are in love. This is real. The love is real. This was not fabricated. We are not playing anyone for fools," said Lindo "Dog DBN" Buthelezi.

Team Babes denied they were back together, but here are three signs that their romance has, perhaps, been back on for a while.

Babes performed Mampintsha's song

Babes outraged her followers and the public when a video of her performing Mampintsha's new song, Khona Ingane Lay'ndlini, made its way to social media platforms. When questioned about whether or not they had reunited, she said she had performed the song to spite Mampintsha. 

Music video feature

Despite denying that the couple were back on, Babes went on to feature on Khona Ingane Lay'ndlini with Mampintsha. After posting the link to the music video, Mzansi was again in an uproar, calling foul on the couple.

The video depicts Babes and Mampintsha in an argument over why she doesn't always sleep at home. Babes blames Mampintsha's lover and stress, among other things. 

Big Nuz video

Shortly after the alleged abuse took place, Babes took to Instagram to call for the return of Mampintsha to the music scene. In a post in which he was tagged, Babes captioned a Big Nuz video "Please bring back Big Nuz". Mampintsha was part of the kwaito group. 

Responses poured in, with people calling for a boycott of Mampintsha, while others expressed disappointment at Babes' support of the musician.