When Papa Penny said 'down sit' instead of 'sit down' Mzansi felt played!

16 May 2019 - 08:46 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Penny Penny's English reaches new levels every day!
Penny Penny's English reaches new levels every day!
Image: Via Penny Penny's Instagram

By now, the thousands of people who tune in every Wednesday to watch the Papa Penny Ahee reality show know that they are in for some "Tsonglish" (Xitsonga + English), courtesy of Papa Penny.

But when he said "down sit" instead of "sit down" viewers felt Papa Penny was killing English for clout!

Of course, the Tsonga disco icon is famous for "speaking English the way white people speak his language". However, for most tweeps a phrase as "easy" as sit down shouldn't have been an issue for the reality TV star.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to express how they felt about Papa Penny possibly going the extra mile to get his English wrong. Some loved it, while others felt it was unnecessary.

Nonetheless, the show was the gift that kept on giving in term of the gags on Wednesday night, as Papa Penny kept dropping pearls of wisdom. Like...

You must climb the mountain until you catch a fish.

Lol! Whatever that means.