IN MEMES | Those T-shirts on OPW had fans confused AF!

20 May 2019 - 10:23 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Zimbabwean-born Edwin Ncube and Bridget Ngwenya tied the knot on OPW.
Zimbabwean-born Edwin Ncube and Bridget Ngwenya tied the knot on OPW.
Image: Mzansi Magic via Twitter

The couple on Sunday night's episode of OPW wanted to show the world how in tune they were with each other through their matching T-shirts - but their attempt was a massive fail.

Zimbabwean-born Edwin Ncube and Bridget Ngwenya wanted to celebrate their love with the whole of Mzansi but instead it was their matching blue T-shirts that stole the spotlight.

The groom wore a shirt with the words "his peace" printed on it while the bride wore one with the words "her rock".

This was obviously meant to show how the pair feel about each other... you know that he's her rock and she is his peace. 

However, the way they wore the shirts left viewers confused! Why did he, not she, wear the shirt that spelt "his peace"? And why didn't anybody (Nomsa, cameraman, their families...) let the couple know there was a very confusing mix up on national TV?

The pair explained that they met in 1999 when Edwin was still working as a bus conductor. Her cousin gave Edwin her number and he called her the next day. 

It was not love at first sight for Bridget, who admitted she judged him. In fact, Bridget joked that the only reason she gave him a chance was for the financial benefits he provided, such as groceries for her and her sister. However Edwin persisted for a year and eventually the two became official in 2001. 

Nice love story neh? But the T-shirt saga won the TL and the memes came flying in!