Rob Pattinson as Batman? Fans are freaking out!

20 May 2019 - 13:01 By Jessica Levitt
Could Rob Pattinson be the Dark Knight?
Could Rob Pattinson be the Dark Knight?
Image: Fadel Senna/AFP


What do you get when legions of Batman fans are up against loyal supporters of the world's fave vampire, Robert Pattinson? 

A social media takeover, that's what!

Ever since it was rumoured that Rob had been shortlisted for the role of Batman, fans of the franchise and Rob himself have almost broken the internet with their opinions and suspicions.

Deadline reports that it is not a done deal and Rob is up against Nicholas Hoult.

Filmmaker Matt Reeves  is expected to make his decision any day now, but in the meantime drama is all over the Twitter streets.

Online petitions against the Twilight hottie began in earnest, but movie critics have insisted that the public give Rob a chance, explaining that he has the sullen broodiness of Bruce Wayne and has proved his actors chops in other lesser-known flicks, like Good Time.

Until a final decision is reached, one thing is for sure: Rob knows how to create a buzz.