DJ Zinhle stays slaying with two major moves & it has nothing to do with music

22 May 2019 - 13:10 By Kyle Zeeman
DJ Zinhle is making boss moves.
DJ Zinhle is making boss moves.
Image: Via DJ ZInhle's Instagram

DJ Zinhle's slaying in the music game, but is rocking just as hard away from the decks, announcing two massive moves this week.

Zinhle is not one to flex on social media but couldn't help herself on Tuesday when she took to Twitter to share some good news with fans.

She first revealed that she had flown to Cape Town for her interior decorating biz, Jiyane Atelier, to discuss launch dates and an upcoming trip to Belgium.

She also hinted at Jiyane Atelier starting a new project after having an offer accepted.

But, like that episode of Oprah, that wasn't all.

Sis also revealed that her watch range, ERA by DJ Zinhle, had just scored a massive deal with jeweller American Swiss.

While she was tight-lipped on the special project she was working on with the retailer, she did spill a little tea, explaining that it has to do with the upcoming Africa Day and features African designs of her gear.

Image: DJ Zinhle Instagram Stories