Maraza defends Cassper: 'People like you get frequent deliveries from sathane!'

24 May 2019 - 13:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Maraza has paid tribute to Cassper Nyovest.
Image: Via Instagram Maraza has paid tribute to Cassper Nyovest.

Musician Maraza has come out to defend Cassper Nyovest against the constant barrage of hate the rapper receives.

Cassper is a magnet for hate on social media and often responds to it, but found an ally in Maraza this week.

It all started when Touch HD shared a clip of Cassper's bestie, Carpo, expressing his gratitude for Cassper.

Cassper was touched by the tribute and shared his love for Carpo online.

Maraza weighed in on the friendship and the hate that so often surrounds Cassper, when he does so much for others.

Maraza claimed that people like Cassper were constantly tested and often used.

"People like you get frequent deliveries from sathane! He always has a fresh batch of b*tch n*ggaz who take what you give, take what you don’t, steal what's left and discard you when they think they’re set."

He said that Cassper would be "God's champion" if he stayed as good as he is.

"If your heart hardens, you're just a man. If it remains like yours, you are God’s champion."

He went on to explain that Cassper has done a lot of good and was well within his rights to stop and protect his happiness.

"I’m saying satan will always test him. It’s ok if he stops being too kind. He has already done a lot, he doesn’t owe anyone, and he has every right to protect his happiness. But, I respect him more for remaining generous, even though some n*ggaz are not as grateful as Carpo."