Letshego Zulu writes book about Gugu: There were plenty of tears & lots of smiles

28 May 2019 - 08:00
Letshego Zulu (seen here with Gugu and their daughter) will be launching a book in July 2019.
Image: Gugu Zulu/Instagram Letshego Zulu (seen here with Gugu and their daughter) will be launching a book in July 2019.

It took her two years, a lot of tears, laughter and reminiscing but the widow of race driver Gugu Zulu, Letshego Zulu, is almost ready to share what it has been like living without her husband in her book I Choose To Live: Life After Losing Gugu.

Letshego's husband and racing car driver Gugu Zulu died while summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in July 2016.

Letshego recently took to Instagram to announce that she had been penning her thoughts and feelings and there will be a book out in July 2019.

"I have been very silently, in my own time, writing my book for the past two years. It's been a challenging yet cathartic experience. There were times when I would attend to just one paragraph then put it down for a month or two before gathering the strength to continue."

The motivational speaker admitted that it wasn't always a pleasant process to write her truth in the book, but that it wasn't all gloomy. 

"There were plenty of tears, lots of smiles and an abundance of laughter. A bag of mixed emotions really."

Letshego said it was a conversation with publisher Melinda Ferguson that planted the idea to put her feelings and ideas into a book.

"A few years ago Melinda Ferguson said to me 'Darling, you write so well! When you have a topic, come to me and I'll make sure your book gets published.' She kept her promise. Today we signed the MFBooks Joburg contract. I Choose To Live is 99% complete and goes into print next week. It'll be in stores and digital in July."

Melinda also took to Twitter to share her excitement over the book.

"I have been keeping this book a secret for so long while Letshego has been silently writing. It's an amazing journey that starts on a dark night on Kilimanjaro with the one and only Gugu Zulu," she teased.