Death, drugs and sex addiction -five shockers from Lamar Odom's book 'Darkness to Light'

29 May 2019 - 13:23
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Lamar Odom has spoken up about his struggle with drugs and sex addiction in his new book, 'Darkness to Light'.
Image: Instagram/Lamar Odom Lamar Odom has spoken up about his struggle with drugs and sex addiction in his new book, 'Darkness to Light'.

An explosive memoir by Lamar Odom, Darkness to Light has seen him receive an outpouring of support from fans and social media followers. Promoting his book, Lamar has given interviews about the motivation behind telling his story as well as his life struggles which saw him turn to drugs and sex for comfort.

Here are five shockers he mentions in the book, as per his interview with Good Morning America.

Cocaine and sex addiction

Lamar admitted to have slept with over 2,000 women, explaining that he was addicted to sex and cocaine which he said he hid from his ex wife, Khloé Kardashian. Although he described these as the "devil", he said he turned to them for comfort and to fill the emptiness.

"You look to fill the void, with things and some things I was trying to fill that void with were destructive. I was a professional at hiding it. Khloé didn't know for a long time."

Threats to kill Khloe

"I will f### kill you, you don't know what I'm capable of." Lamar also opened up about a drug-induced rage which saw him threaten to kill Khloé. He looks back in hindsight and now regrets it.

"I'm pretty sure she had been scared at that time, I'm thinking about in now and I couldn't believe how I was treating that queen like that."

He went to the brothel to 'have fun'

Scared of losing everything, Lamar said he went to the brothel looking for fun, days after he was found unconscious, had had six strokes and multiple seizures. 

Struggle with fame

According to People magazine, Lamar said although he was at the height of his career, the lows hit him hard. "I could not handle the lethal cocktail of the spotlight and addiction, a diminishing career and infidelity." He also admitted to have been paranoid and depressed.


His mother died of cancer when he was 12 years old, a void and emptiness that he has since tried without success to fill. ABC reports that Lamar said the death of his third son also affected him and pushed him to depression. "When he passed, I couldn't leave the hospital. I just sat there for about three hours and held him."