Mpho Letsholonyane: It should be normal for white people to know 'native' tongue

29 May 2019 - 12:57
Mpho Letsholonyane thinks SA white people ought to know 'a native' language.
Image: Via Mpho's Instagram Mpho Letsholonyane thinks SA white people ought to know 'a native' language.

Another video of a white man speaking Venda dominated the social media timelines on Tuesday but media personality Mpho Letsholonyane isn't here for the kind of hype it's getting, telling followers that it should be a norm by now.

According to Mpho, people have no business applauding white people who have taken the initiative to learn a language that is native to Mzansi because that should be the norm. Especially since most black people speak English (and Afrikaans) fluently.

"In all honesty, this shouldn’t even be a thing. It should be normal. If you’re born in a country the least you can do is know at least the native tongue..." she wrote.

Mpho's comments came after a video of a white male speaking TshiVenda and his friend speaking isiXhosa went viral, and a lot of people were giving him props.

In the video the man reads a passage from the bible in TshiVenda and proceeds to motivate people based on the scripture. Then his friend joins him and proceeds to speak isiXhosa.

Mpho slammed people who tried to imply that black people could only speak one language and said that in 2019, everybody should learn at least one other language in addition to their mother tongue.

There was a lot of support under her tweet and people said in 2019, a white man living in SA and able to speak a native language should be standard.

However, the video is entertaining.

Watch it below: