Nyan'Nyan woman has the internet shook with her confession

29 May 2019 - 10:24
By Kyle Zeeman
Luyanda Potwana is the host of Nyan'Nyan.
Image: Via Luyanda's Instagram Luyanda Potwana is the host of Nyan'Nyan.

Fans of hit reality confessions show Nyan' Nyan were shocked all over again when a woman came to the show to speak about the alleged abuse she received at the hands of her partner and claimed that it led to her trying to commit suicide with a shoelace.

Host Luyanda Potwana listened as sis explained that the situation was so bad that she was thinking of giving up on her marriage.

She claimed that after her hubby allegedly hit her, she decided to try to commit suicide.

However, in her attempt to get this across, she told Luyanda that she "committed suicide", leaving everyone confused.

Fans were also confused when she claimed that her first attempt was with a shoelace.

In the end, the couple got counselling to help with their issues.

All the while, Twitter was split into those defending sis by explaining that English is not her first language and others mocking the couple.

The memes were lit.