Masechaba Ndlovu on being sexually abused: I was 9 & he molested me

30 May 2019 - 12:48 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Masechaba Ndlovu opened up about her sexual abuse as a child.
Masechaba Ndlovu opened up about her sexual abuse as a child.
Image: Via Instagram

Media personality Masechaba Ndlovu has opened up about the haunting effects of being  sexually abused by her stepfather at just nine years old and later being in abusive romantic relationship as an adult.  

In an interview with Mac G on the MacG Unleashed podcast that was posted on Thursday morning, Masechaba detailed how her stepfather held her hostage for three days and abused her.  

"My first sexual encounter was with my stepdad, unfortunately. I was nine and he molested me. When my mother (was not there), we were in the States. My mom left me with him... as we think it is acceptable to leave a child with her father... Uhm, for two-three days he held me hostage and he basically sexually abused me.

"After that, I wanted nothing to do with men, for a long time but I healed from that and I've learned that it's not about genders, it's about people, it's about criminals... Which is why I've always been against the #menaretrash movement. I've been beaten, I've been sexually abused and I've had everything you can imagine happen to me except death," Masechaba said.

Masechaba said although she hasn't spoken about everything that has happened to her, she's come to understand that as a "healer" you go through the most so that you are able to understand the pain of the people you are going to heal.

She said people have always questioned why she "gets it" when she's interacting with victims and it's because she's been through similar traumas as well. She also spoke briefly about her experience in an abusive relationship.

"I've been in abusive relationships, I think that's what people didn't understand but I think people finally get it after my Behind The Story interview." 

Masechaba landed in hot water back in 2018 when she confronted Babes Wodumo on her Metro FM show about allegedly being an abuse victim. The presenter was slammed for "airing" the musician's dirty laundry on air, with many saying she did not handle the situation properly.

Masechaba recently left her Metro FM gig and bagged a TV hosting gig on BET, The Big Secret, where she helps other people heal after they reveal their dark secrets.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Masechaba said she believed that she was the perfect fit for the show.

"For me, it was and is such a blessing to be given that level of respect and trust. I am grateful to the production company and to BET for allowing me to guide the show my way as long as it's within the format. It's trust," she said.

You can listen to the full MacG Unleashed podcast here.