Nakhane: Black trans people have been treated as the scum of society for too long

The star was heartbroken by Muhlaysia Booker's death

31 May 2019 - 08:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Nakhane was outraged by the attack.
Image: Via Instagram/NakhaneOfficial Nakhane was outraged by the attack.

SA-born muso Nakhane has added his voice to the outrage over Muhlaysia Booker's death, slamming the way trans people are often mistreated in society.

Muhlaysia, a trans black woman, made headlines after a video of her being beaten in an attack in front of a jeering crowd was circulated online last month.

She spoke shortly after the attack, saying that she was lucky to be alive, but less than a month later was shot and killed on a Dallas, Texas street.

Muhlaysia's death sent shockwaves across the global LGBTIQ+ community, with many calling for laws to "protect the lives" of those in the community.

Nakhane, who is himself an outspoken activist on LGBTIQ+ issues, finally broke his silence on Muhlaysia's death this week in a lengthy social media post.

"I’ve been meaning to post about the murder of Muhlaysia Booker since I first read about it, but I didn't know what to say. I'm not shocked. I'm not stunned. Black trans people have been treated as the scum of society for too long for us to be shocked or stunned. But I am heartbroken," he wrote, next to a picture of Muhlaysia and the words "rest in power, Muhlaysia Booker".

Nakhane added that he was enraged by the killing and called on people to "stop being so cruel".

"I don't know what to say. I'm heartbroken. I am enraged. How can one think that their life means more than another's? How can it be so easy for people to kill? To kill! For no reason. I cannot even start to imagine what Muhlaysia's family is going through. This does not pass. It stays with people. Stop being so cruel, people."

His outrage was shared by musician Moonchild Sanelly, who slammed those consumed by ignorance and hatred.

"F*ck evil people! F*ck ignorance! F*ck hatred! F*ck society!" she wrote.