Skeem Saam’s Marothi: 'Sometimes good things can come from a blesser situation'

03 June 2019 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Macks Papo opens up about his role as Marothi on Skeem Saam.
Macks Papo opens up about his role as Marothi on Skeem Saam.
Image: Macks Papo/ Instagram

Skeem Saam actor Macks Papo can't go anywhere without being stopped by fans who either want to give him a lecture about changing his ways or asking him about his 'wife' on the show, Rachel.

Macks' character Marothi has been to hell and back as his romance with Rachel unfolded on screens over the last year on the soapie, from being given love potion to being confronted about killing his previous wife.

Eyebrows were also raised over the huge age gap between Marothi and Rachel, labelling him a blesser.

But after the couple tied the knot on the show, Macks told TshisaLIVE that the hate towards his character has subsided.

"The reaction to Marothi has been amazing. It used to be that people would stare at me and lecture me on how bad Marothi is. Now it is a bit more favourable," he said with a laugh.

He also laughed off the blesser tag, explaining that sometimes something good may come from it.

"Blessers often have this negative stereotype around them. It is normal because often we see them as using young girls but it was refreshing to see someone who can be seen as a blesser actually make a successful relationship from it and even get married. It shows that sometimes good things can come from a blesser situation."

He said that age gaps in relationships can be hard on both partners and he was grateful that the show was educating people on issues around this .

"Age is a big thing in relationships, especially if the young person is very energetic and lives a certain way. When you are older, sometimes you take it a bit slower and that can be an issue. But at the end of the day, like in the blesser situation, who are we to judge or get in the way of love?"