We're totes here for the DMF driver's reaction to bachelor Nkanyiso

03 June 2019 - 10:31 By Kyle Zeeman
Nkanyiso is looking for love on 'Date My Family'.
Nkanyiso is looking for love on 'Date My Family'.
Image: Mzansi Magic

You know you're doing something wrong when even the driver sent to take you to your date on Date My Family is judging you.

Bachelor Nkanyiso went on to the popular reality show to find love, but ended up getting dragged for everything from his looks to the way he spoke about his potential dates.

Audiences were first shocked when one of the contestants said she was not looking for a guy that was handsome because she was done with that type of thing.

But their shock was next level when Nkanyiso called his potential dates ugly.

Malume was riding to his date when he got a chance to see the women that got away.

As he watched their videos, he said, "All these girls are ugly. Why did they say they were beautiful?"

Driver bae was not impressed by what he heard and quickly gave malume the look of death from the front seat.

But that was nothing compared to the reactions on social media. And of course they brought the memes...