Kea wants to take over the family business in The Queen: Tweeps ain't convinced

06 June 2019 - 11:31 By Kyle Zeeman
Dineo Moeketsi plays Kea Khoza on 'The Queen'.
Dineo Moeketsi plays Kea Khoza on 'The Queen'.
Image: Via Twitter/Ferguson Films

Kea is convinced that she has what it takes to run Harriet's drug business on The Queen, but the boss lady isn't convinced, and it seems neither are many of the show's fans.

Kea and her uncle, Brutus, have been plotting to move the company a certain way, but have been blocked on several occasions.

Her mom thought Kea might end up in prison or in a body bag if she gets her way, but sis is determined and has set her mind on the idea.

Even T-Gom tried to discourage her, telling her the drug business is for women with "big panties".

While that may have been a speed bump in her plans, Kea still wants to go ahead with the takeover.

And it didn't take a sangoma throwing bones for fans to predict that it would end in a mess.

Their suspicions were made stronger when Brutus and Kea seemed to argue over who was really in charge of their little faction.

Kea was labelled a spoilt brat and told to sit down by those on Twitter, many of them making their point in memes.