'Kukithi La': He moved into his late mother's house & changed all the locks

07 June 2019 - 10:20
By Kyle Zeeman
Penny Lebyane is a host on 'Kukithi La'.
Image: Instagram/Penny Lebyane Penny Lebyane is a host on 'Kukithi La'.

Johanna is gatvol of her brother thinking he owns the family house after he kicked everyone out, so she took to Moja Love's hit reality show, Kukithi La, to try to sort out all the drama.

Malume Joshua was appointed as the executor of the house after his mother died, and immediately moved in and changed all the locks.

On top of that, he wanted his siblings to contribute towards the electricity and other household expenses.

The family now wants to sell the house instead of share it, and want him out so they can move forward with their plans.

The trouble is, malume is not interested and is ready to sit tight.

It nearly came to blows on Thursday night's episode as malume came face to face with his family.

Even host Penny Lebyane got involved, telling Joshua off. 

It was tense!

Meanwhile, on social media, fans of the show were grabbing their popcorn and warming their Twitter fingers to weigh in on the family feud.