Yummy alert! Bonang's Bday-month snaps are EVERYTHING

08 June 2019 - 12:00
Bonang Matheba's looking smokin' hot on her latest optics.
Image: Anesh Debiky/Gallo Images Bonang Matheba's looking smokin' hot on her latest optics.

In case you had lost track, we've done a 360 and we're back to Bonang Matheba's birthday month. And, she posted some yummy snaps as a reminder of the celebrations to come.

The media personality will be turning 32 this year and it looks like Mzansi is in for another extravagant do. Well ... we'll all probably be peeping through the social media windows, like the past two years or so, but Bonang's parties are always a hit!

B, who has had an amazing 2019 so far, with the launch of her champopo, among many other accolades, including international awards, has revealed what the party plan is for this year.

However, if these snaps are anything to go by, moghel is going to have a celebration like no other, where her own champopo will be flowing!

Check out the snaps below.

Moghel loves the camera and ain't nobody hating because the camera loves her too!

Just check out this video of moghel looking like money!

We can't wait to see what's in the pipeline for #B32!