Gabi, Kgomotso & Pasi on being judged for shopping at regular stores

10 June 2019 - 08:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Gabi doesn't ever want to live a lie.
Gabi doesn't ever want to live a lie.
Image: Supplied

One of the biggest illusions fans have about celebrities is that they only shop at places like Sandton City and wouldn’t be caught dead in retail stores where  “average” folk shop.

However, actresses Gabisile Tshabalala, Pasi Koetle and Kgomotso Christopher recently set the record straight.

The conversation began after Gabi tweeted that she wasn’t willing to act on camera and then continue to play pretend in real life by being seen in “celebrity-worthy” places. The actress said she was tired of inquisitive stares whenever she stepped into a “low-prices” retail shop.

"I don't ever wanna live a lie. My acting should stop on screen. I won't act rich when I'm not just to impress people who don't even know me," Gabi said.

Pasi and Kgomotso echoed her sentiments, recounting their experiences.

Pasi said she was questioned by a stranger when she was spotted buying baby clothes in Pep and told the store "just doesn't suit" her.

A similar thing happened to Kgomotso when she was spotted buying kids' clothes at Ackermans.

She explained that despite being recognisable faces in SA, they still had the right to shop wherever they wanted.

"I think confusion is that some of us don't take this 'celeb' thing to our heads. We are like any other person who has the right to shop from Pep to China Mall and we exercise that freedom unashamedly," Kgomotso said.