Heavy K and Tweezy clapback at tweep for trying to diss their humble roots

10 June 2019 - 15:27 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Heavy K was reminded of where he started as a musician.
Heavy K was reminded of where he started as a musician.
Image: Instagram/Heavy K

Heavy K was backed by a lot of people over the weekend when he gave a hot clapback to a tweep who thought that dissing the "typical" setting of upcoming DJs would earn him retweets, likes and Twitter fame.

The tweep posted a snap showing an unknown man seemingly producing music in what looks like a self-made home studio with a caption meant to mock him.

While the guy may have expected that his tweet would get some attention, he obviously didn't anticipate the backlash he would receive - particularly from an artist as famous as Heavy K.

The Wena hitmaker said the studio in the photo reminded him of his own humble beginnings.

Other tweeps also jumped on the user who posted the snap, asking him to be a little more respectful and not try to embarrass artists who come from poor backgrounds.

Some even listed other celebrity producers who started off in similar settings, such as Black Motion, Heavy K, Sun-El Musician, Black Coffee and others.

Don't be dissing other people's hustles, fam, because if the stories of Black Coffee or Heavy K are anything to go by, then you might have to swallow your words!