Tshedi Mholo slams music industry after Nichume’s apparent suicide

'Artists are left to suffer on their own,' says Malaika star

10 June 2019 - 13:30
By Kyle Zeeman
Singer Nichume died last week after a battle with depression.
Image: Gallo Images / Oupa Bopape Singer Nichume died last week after a battle with depression.

As Mzansi continues to mourn the death of Bhutiza hitmaker Nichume, Malaika singer Tshedi Mholo has slammed the SA music industry for leaving artists to "suffer on their own".

News of the star's death was confirmed in a statement by her record label Top Chap Media on Friday morning last week. They said she was found at a friend’s place on Thursday following an apparent suicide.

The singer had hinted at her struggles several times over the last few months, sharing posts about stars who had committed suicide and battled depression, such as Robin Williams and Whitney Houston.

Just days before her death, Nichume wrote on social media: "Stuck between overly emotional and emotionless.”

Her death sent shockwaves across the industry and reignited conversations around depression and suicide.

In a tweet, DJ Black Coffee encouraged artists to look out for each other. "Dear artists, as fake as the industry can be, let's be real and check on each other," he wrote.

In an emotional post, DJ Tira shared his last conversation with the star.

After paying tribute to Nichume, Tshedi said the music industry needs to change to accommodate those who are struggling.

"Who do we run to when times are tough? Is there anyone listening? Artists are left to suffer on their own. We fought for our government to regulate and unite the industry, but every time we voice our grievances, we end up being a laughing stock," she said.

"Are we alone in this? This has to stop. Stop victimising artists. Depression is a silent killer."

A memorial service for Nichume will be held in Johannesburg this week, with friends, fans and celebs expected to pay tribute to the star.