The Queen's Akhona just snitched real hard!

It seems that sometimes snitches don't get stitches

13 June 2019 - 11:07 By Kyle Zeeman
Khanya Mkangisa plays the role of Akhona on 'The Queen'.
Khanya Mkangisa plays the role of Akhona on 'The Queen'.
Image: Instagram/ Khanya Mkangisa

Akhona was the toast of The Queen fans when she snitched on Jerry this week and told Kagiso that malume and Vee were in Durban.

Harriet and the fam headed to Durban to make one last coke run before throwing in the towel and meeting with potential investors.

But Jerry is on a mission to arrest them and headed to Durban to nab them.

Wearing a dodgy beard and a series of horrible disguises, he and Vee followed the family to try to catch them in the act.

Their plan seemed to have derailed after Akhona told her bae Kagiso that her uncle was in Durban too.

The family had warned Kagiso about dating Akhona because of the secrets he might spill but they will probably feel another way now that Akhona seems to have saved their lives and business.

Over on social media, fans applauded Akhona for the ti- off.