Zodwa Wabantu got breast fillers to help her 'stay fresh'

13 June 2019 - 07:00
Zodwa Wabantu says she just wants to be the best version of herself possible.
Image: Instagram/ Zodwa Wabantu Zodwa Wabantu says she just wants to be the best version of herself possible.

In the last few weeks alone, Zodwa Wabantu has posted more videos and snaps of herself in a doctor's consulting room than she ever has since she joined social media.

But she's come out to make it clear that she's not "changing" herself, just making sure she stays fresh.

Just last week, Zodwa went for the Modified Vampire facial and this week it was her hairline's turn to be its ultimate best.

Although Zodwa recently shut down questions from her fans about her thinking of facial surgery, the entertainer revealed to TshisaLIVE that she's had something done to her boobs.

"I love myself, I want people to understand that... But I have the money now to ensure that I stay fresh. I did have some breast fillers put it, it's not like a boob job per se, but yeah I have fillers in my breasts. My fans will see that on my reality show soon," she said.

Zodwa said as long as she had the money, she saw nothing wrong with ensuring that she looks her personal best.

Even though her face is "off-limits", anything else that she wanted to and could afford to fix, she would do it.

"I am not actually changing myself but just making what I have already, be the best it can be. My skin must look its best and because I work hard, I don't have as much time to ensure I get things like enough sleep or drink enough water and stuff. So I go for these procedures to make up for that. It's the same with my hairline and like the vitamin injections I get for fatigue."

Watch her in her latest procedure where she was fixing her hairline!