Chymamusique: Radio stations don't hire qualified people anymore

14 June 2019 - 13:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Chymamusique isn't happy about the 'talent' on radio these days.
Chymamusique isn't happy about the 'talent' on radio these days.
Image: Instagram/Chymamusique

While it has mostly been actors who have voiced concerns about their industry being taken over by "slay queens" and "twelebs", it appears the concern is universal. Chymamusique took to Twitter to express his worry.

The musician replied to the popular "O Jewa keng?" tweet to say that, lately, radio stations didn't seem to hire qualified people and that from where he was standing it was social media following, influence and connection that got people jobs.

"Radio stations don't really hire people who have qualifications anymore. They want following, influence & connections qha," he said.

His tweet caused heavy traffic on the TL as many people seemed to agree with his sentiments and even went on to name a couple of stations and people.

Others said that, while they don't think it's fair at all, they've come to accept that it's the new standard.

Many said they are dropping out of media-related studies because, at the rate everything is going, they will never get the jobs they are qualified for because the industry is for the "slay queens" and "twelebs".

And while we may never know what triggered the musician's outpouring on these streets, one can always sense when there are things left unsaid.

Maybe Chymamusique will drop names soon...