IN MEMES | 'DMF's' Collen says he ain't a taxi driver, he's a taxi operator!

24 June 2019 - 11:00
Collen won the hearts of 'DMF' viewers.
Image: Twitter/DMF Collen won the hearts of 'DMF' viewers.

Date My Family's bachelors usually leave viewers shook with their mannerisms and Mzansi ready to distance itself from them, but not Collen from Pretoria. Collen, the taxi operator (not taxi driver - apparently there's a difference), managed to impress viewers with his authenticity.

Instead of pretending to be something or someone he's not, Collen straight up told the families of his potential dates that he works as a taxi driver (or, in his words, taxi operator). Collen was so genuine and humorous that tweeps couldn't find one thing they disliked about the kasi guy.

His treatment of the families, particularly family number one, where he found a cockroach in the food, gained him a lot of fans. Instead of being dramatic, he casually told the family about the roaches and laughed off their embarrassment.

Overall, the fact that he was proud of earning an honest living with his taxi and his winning personality made him one of the best bachelors DMF has ever had!

We (yes, even us) have all decided to stan! Collen the taxi operator for the win!

Here are the memes to prove it!