Mshoza: I don't need hype for my music, I create classic hits

24 June 2019 - 07:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Kwaito artist Mshoza says her music will keep her relevant.
Kwaito artist Mshoza says her music will keep her relevant.
Image: Gallo Images / Daily Sun / Lucky Nxumalo

After a decade in the industry, an artist has to shape up or ship out, and Mshoza has been accused of using her body, plastic surgery and a "controversial" video to stay relevant. But the Abantu Bam hitmaker says all she needs is music to stay at the top!

Mshoza recently topped the trends list after a video of her speaking about her love life went viral. The star was trolled by many for "seeking relevance" with the video, but she's come out to ask people not to forget who she is – one of the "greatest female kwaito artists to come out of Mzansi."

She told TshisaLIVE she's been in the industry way too long to seek relevance with videos. She didn't need the video, she explained, because her music was still doing the things!

"I do not need hype for my music, as I create classic hits. I was a superstar way before "hype" was a thing. I use social media platforms to get across some truth about me and sometimes it shakes up the country," Mshoza said.

In the video that has the country talking, Mshoza issued a warning to potential suitors not to bother texting her if they have less than a million in their accounts.

"You can't come to me honestly and expect that you will give me R5,000 as a girlfriend allowance. I mean, my monthly face cream alone is R6,000. So you can't think that you are going to walk around telling people that I'm your woman when you give me R5,000. No. Please think about it," she lectured.

Mshoza said even though she has no doubt her music will always save a seat for her at the top, she wasn't going to ignore the power of social media.

"We need to talk more about such topics (the changing standards of women) as we are moving to the next century. Times are changing. The most important message to all ladies out there, work your ass hard, and when a guy comes to you, he must up the game to spice the relationship up. I am attracted to hardworking ladies as friends, no offence."