Chris Brown dragged for 'black b**ches with nice hair' lyrics

He’s hit back hard at it too

02 July 2019 - 14:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Chris Brown has hit back at criticism of his lyrics.
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Chris Brown has hit back at criticism of his lyrics.

Chris Brown found himself in the midst of a Twitter storm after claiming on a song to only want to sleep with girls who have "nice hair".

Chris Brown's latest album Indigo has been a hit with many, but his song Need a Stack has been criticised for including the line "(I) only wanna f**k the black b**ches with the nice hair".

Angry social media users flooded Twitter with messages slamming Chris and calling on him to apologise.

But taking to Instagram, Chris laughed off the criticism and said that women were also fussy about who they liked.

"HAAAAAAA. Y'all trippin trippin. Y'all b*tches don't wanna f**k da n*gga with f*cked up teeth, do you? Only b*tches upset is the uglies (not the black queens)," he said in response to a post about the outcry.

But Chris wasn't done yet. He returned to the platform shortly after to tell his critics that he did not care about their hate.

He also joked that he would buy "lace fronts" for all his haters with "skid row edges and low self esteem".