IN MEMES | With a mom like that it's no wonder Lerato went searching for her dad!

03 July 2019 - 13:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Nimrod Nkosi is the host of Utatakho.
Nimrod Nkosi is the host of Utatakho.
Image: Via Twitter/Utatakho

Viewers of Utatakho finally understood the need for Lerato to find her biological father after they met her "savage" mother on the show, and even they felt that Lerato needed a parent who at least cared enough to show her love.

Lerato asked Utatakho to help her locate her biological father after she found out through the grapevine that the man she thought was her father was actually her stepfather. More than a decade ago Lerato attempted to have the conversation about her father with her mother, who told her to mind her business and never gave her an answer.

When confronted by the Utatakho team, Lerato's mother finally spilled the beans. It was her brutal honesty and blatant disregard for other people's feelings (including her daughter's) that left Twitter shook.

Tweeps agreed after hearing Lerato's mother speak that Lerato had never received motherly love, hence her search for her father. They weren't surprised either, because mamazala clearly didn't care about anybody but herself.

She revealed that Lerato's stepfather died, thinking Lerato was his and that she two-timed two of her former friends. No matter how they looked at the matter, Lerato's mother's savagery remained unmatched.

They had the memes.