Sizwe Dhlomo & Vusi Thembekwayo got into a flaming twar ... again!

This time it was over a 'fake' luxury timepiece ... yhu tax brackets

04 July 2019 - 13:30 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Sizwe Dhlomo, left, got into a heated twar with Vusi Thembekwayo over a fake timepiece.
Sizwe Dhlomo, left, got into a heated twar with Vusi Thembekwayo over a fake timepiece.
Image: Sizwe Dhlomo/Jim Spellman/Getty Images /Vusi Thembekwayo/Gallo Images/Foto24/Felix Dlangamandla

Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo got into a spicy exchange after Vusi posted a watch, intending to flex. But Sizwe said it was "fake".

He didn't waste a second calling Vusi out!

Sizwe, with some social media "timepiece experts",  brought out the facts and files of how, in their opinions, Vusi's watch was not the real deal, and Sizwe proceeded to drag him hard.

In case you don't know the history between the pair ... their beef began two years ago  after Sizwe alleged that Vusi stole, and was making money from, his words and ideas. The motivational speaker fiercely denied these claims. 

Sizwe went on to tag Vusi to ask him to explain himself and his "fake" watch.

Vusi didn't immediately comment and instead deleted the snap. But soon thereafter he engaged Sizwe and even implied that his "trolling tendencies" reflected badly on his parents.

"Nobody wins a 'twar'. Even the 'bully' has to reduce themselves to levels of pettiness and classlessness that shows that they never had decorum, manners or etiquette to begin with. A real sign of how their parents raised them.

"Worse, in the theatre of social media, the gallery of commons elevates itself above logic to insults, sprinkled with moments of pseudo-wokeness and false altruism. Just don’t engage. Leave the pigs to the mud. Leave the lunatics to the asylum," Vusi said.

Obvs Sizwe was not going to let him have the last word, especially after Vusi dragged his parents into the debacle.

"Mina ntwana, my advice to you would be the following: Never be the first to act brolic. Especially if you don’t know who you’re dealing with because you will get the sense beaten into you & then you’ll be left with no choice but to play victim.

"Lastly ... be careful when you speak of parents because then yours will get brought into the fray and again, you won’t like it. At any time, say maluju and I’ll let you live. Have a good day now."

After Wednesday's incident, Vusi released a statement explaining that he had been duped and had brought in professionals to assess his timepiece collection.

Meanwhile, Sizwe continued trending on Twitter well into Thursday. One tweep asked if he'd ever forgive Vusi for the "stolen tweets" and, well, it isn't promising!

"I’m actually a very forgiving dude but I only forgive those that apologise. I don’t just extend that courtesy nje without a request," Sizwe said.

The streets were chaotic with reactions.