I have the right to determine what to do with the house, says 'Kukithi La' dreamer

05 July 2019 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Penny Lebyane is one of the hosts of 'Kukithi La'.
Penny Lebyane is one of the hosts of 'Kukithi La'.
Image: Instagram/ Penny Lebyane

Papazi is going through the most at the moment and claims her aunt is out to get her, after kicking her out of the family home and selling it without her consent.

Papazi went to Moja Love's hit reality show, Kukithi La, to complain about her aunt and try to find a resolution.

She claimed her aunt had no right to sell the house without her permission and, because she is one of the owners of the house, she should be allowed to stay.

But aunty was not ready to go without a fight.

She claimed she dreamed about the house and believed it was her right to determine who lived there and what they did with the place.

On top of it, Ma was spilling tea harder than Agrizzi at the state capture inquiry and soon everyone knew the family's business.

Fans were shocked by the revelations. They also called BS on Ma's "dreams" and believed she was out to con Papazi. 

They made their frustrations known with memes and messages on Twitter.