Why are men criticised for being vocal about their preferences in women: AKA

05 July 2019 - 11:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
AKA's tweet caught fire on the social media streets.
AKA's tweet caught fire on the social media streets.
Image: AKA/Twitter

Rapper AKA briefly came out of his social media "hiatus" to question society's "hypocritical" stand on what men and women are allowed to say.

This after, a new Chris Brown song ignited the debate and saw the muso get dragged for singing that he likes "black bit*** with nice hair".

The Supa Mega came out to ask why it is acceptable for a women to talk about the kind of man she prefers to date (as in short or tall, dark or light, long hair or short hair, etc), but when a man says the same thing, all of a sudden it is a problem.

"A woman can say, I don’t date short guys, but if a man says he don’t like fat girls ... it’s a big problem. Now how the f**k does that work?"

Brown's latest album, Indigo, has been a hit with many, but his song, Need a Stack, has been criticised for including the line, "(I) only wanna f**k the black b**ches with the nice hair".

Angry social media users flooded Twitter with messages slamming Chris and calling on him to apologise.

AKA's tweet, which on Friday morning had more than 5000 retweets and 14k likes, saw a lot of people flood the Supa Mega's comment sections with their opinions.

While many were happy to point out society's double standards, others had different views.