Ntsiki Mazwai claps back at makeup hater: Please f**k off, you’re not welcome here

07 July 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Ntsiki Mazwai told a hater where to get off.
Ntsiki Mazwai told a hater where to get off.
Image: Instagram/Ntsiki Mazwai

Musician and TV host Ntsiki Mazwai has once again hit back at critics who have slammed her for wearing makeup on TV, telling them to get off her social media page with their "negative energy".

Ntsiki, who has always been about that au naturel life, has faced occasional questions and criticism about her decision to wear makeup ever since scoring a gig as a host on Moja Love's talkshow Show Me Love.

The star has laughed off the criticism in the past but didn't hold her tongue when a follower came for her after seeing this picture from the show's set. 

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Make up room love

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The user remarked: "So you hate weaves but love makeup? Lmao"

Ntsiki clapped back with a stinging response to the woman, telling her to take a hike.

"Lol. Do you understand how TV works, my love? Please f*ck off from my page with your negative energy also. You're not welcome here."'

And just in case sis didn't hear it loud enough, Ntsiki dedicated a whole post to repeating herself.

"If you're not a supporter- please kindly f*ck off from my page. You're not welcome here ."

Ntsiki was in the past criticised those who wear weaves, labelling it a "crisis of assimilation" and claiming it is dirtier than natural hair.

She has also hyped up makeup free living, claiming that while she had to wear makeup for work she was more famous for her "bare face" than Alicia Keys.

"I have been famous before and wore make-up. Before Alicia keys I rebelled against make-up. She followed. Because I felt my "beauty" was taking from my craft as a poet/musician. My new job is a tv gig - like an overall-make up is part of the costume," Ntsiki explained in a social media post back in March.