IN MEMES | How can we help this lady, ask tweeps after #ReaTsotella

11 July 2019 - 12:23 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Moshe Ndiki is one of the hosts of 'Rea Tsotella'.
Moshe Ndiki is one of the hosts of 'Rea Tsotella'.
Image: Via Instagram

Viewers who religiously tune into the Moja Love reality show, Rea Tsotella, do so mainly for spicy confrontation. But this week on the Mzansi version of The Jerry Springer show all they got was the sad story of a family they felt needed professional help.

The Twitter TL was filled with tweeps who were left in their feels after they heard the story of the young woman who couldn't get an ID because of her father's lack of interest in helping her.

The woman painted a grim picture of how she had been raised, allegedly by an alcoholic father who had physically, sexually and verbally abused her.

The father denied the accusations, except to say that he had a couple of drinks every now and then.

Tweeps were left heartbroken by the woman's story and concerned for the dad, who seemed to need professional help.

They had the memes.