Pinky Girl on dating 'broke' guys: Rather stay single

Don't be a lazy, boy, because Pinky doesn't want no scrub

12 July 2019 - 13:00 By Kyle Zeeman
'Being Bonang' star Pinky Girl gives dating advice.
'Being Bonang' star Pinky Girl gives dating advice.
Image: Via Instagram

Listen here, if you wanna date Pinky Girl, you better act right and bring the coins.

The Being Bonang star had social media in a tizz this week when she took to Twitter to dish out dating advice.

"FACT: Nobody wants a broke boyfriend," she wrote.

She added that dude doesn't have to be a millionaire, he must just be on some kind of hustle.

"I am not saying he must be a millionaire or a billionaire. But something must be done. Something must happen. Simple."

In fact, sis said if he isn't prepared to hustle, it is easier to just miss him.

"Rather stay single. And do your own thing."

She said that a man has gotta step up and show his value.

"I am not saying men are entitled to provide. Mara, a man is a man and it must show."

She ended her sermon by telling her followers not to settle for second best in anything, especially relationships.