'What if I told you your mom is my ghostwriter?' - 3 savage AKA clapbacks

12 July 2019 - 11:59 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
AKA took a break from his 'Twitter break' to put some trolls in their place.
AKA took a break from his 'Twitter break' to put some trolls in their place.
Image: @blaq_smith/ AKA Instagram

While Mzansi has been taking AKA's advice to "drink water and mind your own business" the rapper has taking occasional breaks from his self-imposed social media break to drop some spice on the TL.

This time, he had clapbacks for days!

AKA came out earlier this week to announce that his sophomore album Levels has been certified seven times platinum. The album, which is five years old, is one of the best-selling SA hip-hop albums, and AKA wasn't about to let Mzansi sleep on his big achievement.

"I am one of the highest selling artists in the history of South African music. Don’t @ me!" the rapper said.

And, well, this flex mode is justified because platinum is equivalent to 30,000 copies sold in SA, according to Recording Industry of SA (RiSA) standards. This means AKA has moved 210,000 copies of Levels. Which is a big deal!

Anywho, as always, someone on the TL was trying to rain on AKA's parade, but he wasn't having any of it!

*Cue fiery clapbacks* 

Take one!

Take two!

Take three!

It's worth noting that this was more than a clapback.

The rapper was also letting Mzansi know that he's cooking up a storm and he's about to serve fire with his next project.

He revealed that he has between 20 and 25 unreleased songs at the moment that might make it to the upcoming project.

Exciting times ahead...