Zizo Tshwete claps back at question over 'showing skin'

12 July 2019 - 07:29 By Jessica Levitt
Zizo Tshwete called out the user.
Zizo Tshwete called out the user.
Image: Instagram/Zizo Beda

Classy and dignified. That's what TV and radio personality Zizo Tshwete has become known for. So when a user commented on her outfit choice, questioning her for "showing skin", Zizo wasted no time in schooling her.

It all started when Zizo posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page wearing a sparkly dress. Nothing unusual about that, right?

Well, one user said that "you showing more skin now Mrs. I remember you used to cover up your body well. I guess those are pressures of your industry. Love you though."

Zizo was having none of it and responded immediately.

"Is that a joke? I am an adult who is able to wear what I would like to wear - as are you on your body."

The user quickly apologised, saying she didn't meant to disrespect her. Zizo thanked her and said, "I appreciate you saying that".

Ne. All is well that ends well.