Denise Zimba on welcoming her baby: I’m absolutely in love

14 July 2019 - 08:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Denise Zimba is officially a mom.
Denise Zimba is officially a mom.
Image: Denise Zimba/Instagram

Denise Zimba revealed earlier this week that her bundle of joy has arrived and that she's completely besotted. 

The TV personality shared a picture with the date "01.07.2019" with a heart emoji.

Denise said that after being in labour for 24 hours, her baby was delivered through an emergency C-section. 

"48hours of no sleep, 24hours of labour. Emergency C-section and I’m absolutely in love," she said. 

Even though Denise has officially revealed the gender of her baby, last month she shared a picture of her showing off her bump in a pink swimsuit. 

The TV personality surprised many when she announced her pregnancy in May and opened up about how doctors previously told her she had a 1% chance of falling pregnant. 

"My doctor said I had endometriosis. An urgent treatment was needed, which meant falling pregnant was indefinitely placed on the back burner. Only 1% possibility to conceive, even after treatment for some time."

At the time Denise described her bundle of joy as a miracle.