Twitter made a mockery of Riky Rick because he listens to his woman

16 July 2019 - 11:48 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Riky Rick posted the sweetest message for his wifey and Twitter dragged him.
Riky Rick posted the sweetest message for his wifey and Twitter dragged him.
Image: Instagram/Riky Rick via mini__photography

Riky Rick, like most people in love, took to Instagram to pen the sweetest appreciation post to his woman Bianca Naidoo but Twitter turned it into a joke and ran with it.

In the heartfelt post, the rapper pointed out how having Bianca in his life has made him a better man and how he's grateful to have her in his life.

"Thank God I found this woman. Thank God for keeping her in my life. She is my rock, my anchor and my direction," he began.

The rapper then went on to list a couple of practical examples of how Bianca's influence has impacted positively on his life: 

1. "When I wanna buy that new car, she says "Relax, let's build something with Sheldon".

2. "When I wanna cop that icey watch to stunt on ya'll, she says "Relax, let's put that away for the kids."

3. "When I wanna hit the club and make it shake, she says 'Relax, you did that 210 years ago.'"

4. "When I wanna go hang with so and so, she says 'Babe, you know those guys don't even like you...'"

"Loving her is so easy because she takes the time to understand me and my goals. Never jumped on the hype train. Committed to the life train. Do yourself a favour my brothers and sisters, find someone who really cares about you.

"Someone who doesn't value life based on worldly possessions. Someone who cares enough to correct you when you wrong and send you to the right path. People ask me how do I keep doing it, I answer, 'It's not me at all, it's my lady'," Riky Rick said.

Totes cute... until Twitter saw the message. *facepalm*

Tweeps read Riky's message and started making their own conclusions, some of which were just ridiculous but everyone has freedom of speech right?

Some said Riky's sweet gesture was "evidence" that he was "cheating," while others gave him a thumbs up for listening and always talking things out with his woman first.

Then there were those who were just there for the memes and the gifs, they even started the hashtag #TweetlikeRikysWife.

Here are some of the reactions that just goes to show: We don't deserve the internet guys!