IN MEMES | LOL! Mrs X aka Mantuli was never ready for the fame!

19 July 2019 - 10:25 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mantuli is in so much trouble with her boss.
Mantuli is in so much trouble with her boss.
Image: Via Twitter/Skeem Saam

In her quest to fight dirty with her boss Lehasa, Mantuli agreed to do a TV interview where she held nothing back as she hurled insults at Lehasa. But when it finally aired she knew for sure she had landed in hot water because her face wasn't hidden at all.

Mantuli grabbed the opportunity to talk rubbish about her boss on national TV on the promise that her face would be blurred out and her name kept anonymous.

However, she got the shock of her life when the insert aired and the show's definition of hiding her face was one black line across her eyes. Just that one, teeny weeny line. It was clear for all to see that it was Mantuli ka i one, her voice also wasn't changed.

Her reaction as she realised how much trouble she was in, left tweeps howling!

Watch her below.

Look... several hours later it is still the funniest thing tweeps have seen!

They had the memes too.