Lebo M on Beyoncé in The Lion King: She is spectacular as Nala

19 July 2019 - 10:30 By Jessica Levitt
Lebo M says Beyoncé role as Nala will be a surprise for fans.
Lebo M says Beyoncé role as Nala will be a surprise for fans.
Image: Instagram/Lebo M

All eyes are on the highly anticipated remake of The Lion King film as it launches globally on Friday.

While much of the attention has been thrust on Beyoncé and her role in the soundtrack for the film, music producer Lebo M said that he is looking forward to the surprise element of her role playing Nala.

"She is so spectacular as Nala. I shy away from Lebo M and Beyoncé. She's a mega-star, I appreciate that. But what she brings as Nala is spectacular," he said on eNCA.

Bey voices Nala in the Disney remake and while referring to the big names working on the film and its soundtrack, Lebo M said that "the bigger they are the more humble they are".

He applauded the film's director for being committed to the "true nature" of characters, saying there has never been a Lion King more "South African than this one".

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about working with B on the soundtrack, Lebo M said they were hardly in studio together.

"There were many different parts to the song and so I found a lot of elements, including some of her work, already in place. It was just about putting everything together. The whole package is quite exceptional.

"It was about linking her composition to the phonetic expression of The Lion King. That was where I came in, produced the vocal arrangement and to do some writing. It went from a good song to a good song for The Lion King."