Prince Kaybee calls out trolls for dragging Lady Zamar over her acne

19 July 2019 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Prince Kaybee is cooking up another hot jam with Lady Zamar but trolls tried to ruin the moment.
Prince Kaybee is cooking up another hot jam with Lady Zamar but trolls tried to ruin the moment.
Image: Twitter/Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee has come out in Lady Zamar's defence to tell trolls where to get off. This after, he posted a picture of them together and trolls targeted Lady Zamar for the acne on her face.

The Wajelwa hitmaker told trolls how horrible they were and how they had sad lives if they constantly had to shift the focus from someone's talent to their imperfections.

"Posted a pic of me and Lady Zamar yesterday and it breaks my heart that we ignore people's gifts only to highlight their imperfections like we are anywhere near perfect ourselves," he said.

Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar's fans had given up on experiencing the magic these two create after they had a fall out soon after the release of Charlotte. The fall out, which made headlines in 2017 was allegedly over awards and it saw Lady Zamar being snubbed out of the music video. However, she kept mum on the "beef" and Prince denied that they were beefing.

But it seems that they'e left whatever happened behind them, which is why it was no surprise that Prince took to his Twitter call tweeps to order for their trolling of Lady Zamar for her acne.

In the black and white picture that showed the pair in studio, Lady Zamar's acne is visible and became the focus of the picture thanks to trolls.

She wrote a lengthy thread on Twitter telling people to be mindful of the words they say, particularly those that mock others in the name of retweets and likes. She explained that words were a particularly powerful tool that could either make or break a person.

"You guys need to understand that what you say from the comfort of your beds and homes is about someone.. haven’t y’all learned the power of words yet? A singer just committed suicide the other day coz of body issues... another girl committed suicide coz of her acne ..,” she said.

Lady Zamar said she was tired of keeping quiet and letting trolls walk all over her and she wasn't going to let these comments slide anymore.

“I keep quiet a lot in a lot of these dumb issues people bring up about me or involving me because frankly in many ways they don’t matter in the scope of my career, my passions, and my desires... But this matters to me... A lot. People are dying, people are committing suicide because of these kinda issues and I’ll be damned if I let another stupid comment slide. I love my life, secret or not, public or not but I wake up every day to myself. Don’t insult me by giving me advice I’ve got ppl for that,” she continued.

Read the rest of her thread below: