IN MEMES | Cordelia wants to pay Kagiso R3.5m for sex & tweeps want in!

24 July 2019 - 08:49 By Chrizelda Kekana
Loyiso McDonald plays the role of Kagiso on 'The Queen'.
Loyiso McDonald plays the role of Kagiso on 'The Queen'.
Image: Supplied/ Loyiso McDonald

What would you do if your family needed the money and a rich woman wanted to pay you R3.5m to have sex with her and two of her friends? Kagiso's answer a "I need to think about it" but most of the tweeps were already asking for location, date and time!

The Khozas still find themselves in a sticky situation as their financial situation continues on a downward spiral, but Cordelia has taken an interest in Kagiso as her and her squad's glorified "male prostitute" but Kagiso's morals are standing in the way and tweeps weren't happy with him at all.

Tweeps were disappointed in Kagiso's lack of enthusiasm when Cordelia (played by Lorcia Cooper) made the offer of money in exchange for sex. Kagiso didn't seem too keen on doing it, despite the ridiculously large amount of money on the table.

However The Queen fans were already on the TL with mini prayers such as: "Lord, we see what you are doing for other children and we want it too" while others were asking for Cordelia's contacts or said, "Where do we find women like her in SA."

But most tweeps were shocked that Cordelia thought Kagiso's sex was worth so much money and they sure had the memes for their feels.