Fans call BS on Zandile's 'Please Step In' claims

'Don't show me your boyfriend, show me your degree'

31 July 2019 - 10:02 By Kyle Zeeman
Angie Diale is the host of 'Please Step In'.
Angie Diale is the host of 'Please Step In'.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic Twitter

Zandile angered Please Step In fans on Tuesday night when she dragged her mom to the popular confessions show to apologise to her about their strained relationship.

There has been tension in the air ever since Zandi fell pregnant at a young age and dropped out of school. 

It reached a peak when Zandi was arrested and spent time in prison, she says because her mother accused her of breaking into her boyfriend's apartment and stealing things.

Ma disputed this story and claimed Zandi was arrested because she had made false claims about the boyfriend assaulting her children and had defamed her character.

Ma Angie tried to intervene and at one point told Zandi not to embarrass her mother on TV.

While the pair went to counselling and seemingly got over their issues, fans of the show were not impressed and flooded social media with memes and messages calling BS to Zandi's claims.