Sjava says Drake may be big but he's here to work with Zola & Phuzekhemisi

31 July 2019 - 15:13 By Kyle Zeeman
Sjava wants to work with SA legends.
Sjava wants to work with SA legends.
Image: Via Sjava's Instagram

Sjava remains undefeated as the flag bearer of proudly South African, and he proved it again this week when he told Mzansi that he would take a Phuzekhemisi Mnyandu collab over one with Drake.

Most of us would dream of breathing the same air as Drake, nevermind work with him.

However, Sjava told fans this week that when it came to working with the star, he was more like...

He said his goal was to work with the legendary Phuzekhemisi Mnyandu.

"As I was sipping it just hit me, Drake is amazing and he is the biggest rapper in the world but I am trying to get uBaba Phuzekhemisi Mnyandu in studio right now," he wrote on Instagram, next to a pic of him drinking umqombothi.

The muso also revealed that his dream collab with Zola was cooking nicely, after the legend told Sjava his verse is ready.

"Zola said his verse is ready. Trying to get that done right now. I am blessed," he added.

Sjava has also embraced his roots, hitting the BET awards last year in traditional dress to collect his Viewers Choice Award.