Letshego Zulu on life and love - three years after losing her husband Gugu

01 August 2019 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
Letshego Zulu with her book, 'I Choose To Live'.
Letshego Zulu with her book, 'I Choose To Live'.
Image: Gallo Images /Sowetan /Alaister Russell

Adventurer Letshego Zulu is "open to life" after the tragic death of her husband Gugu three years ago - but she is not yet ready to join the dating game.

Letshego lost her husband in 2016, while he was attempting to summit Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a Trek4Mandela expedition to raise funds for sanitary pads for schoolgirls.

In a YFM interview this week, Letshego explained that just as the title of her book, I Choose to Live: Life After Losing Gugu, suggests, she is open to life and dating in the future.

"Just like I didn't close myself up in that moment of grief, I am not closing myself up now. I'm young ... I will be 35 next month," she said.

She added a disclaimer though, telling listeners that her being "open to life" is not an advert and she is currently unavailable.

"I don't need the inboxes, but I am open to life," she said.

Letshego, who recently launched her heart-wrenching memoir, shared that her DMs were flooded with other widows asking how her perspective on life and death saved her from dying from a broken heart.

She admitted that finding the right approach didn't come easily, as it was a daily learning experience. Writing the book was part of that journey.

“I reached a level of peace in my heart with what happened to me and losing him, about eight months or so after he passed away. So many other things needed to kind of fall into place for me to be comfortable with putting pen to paper," she said.