Hilarious! DJ Fresh's 947 gig takes us back to DJ Euphonik's #Nonke days

02 August 2019 - 11:11 By Cebelihle Bhengu
DJ Fresh is winning with his new gig.
DJ Fresh is winning with his new gig.
Image: Instagram/ DJ Fresh

DJ Euphonik's attempt to help his friend, DJ Fresh, keep his new gig at 947 has taken an unexpected and hilarious turn that had many in stitches.

Euphonik, being the good friend he is, congratulated Fresh on his new show at the station. Then, hilariously, he suggested the two meet to discuss words that Fresh must avoid on air so he keeps his job this time around.  

But he wasn't ready for the response, which took us back to 2016: "Yewena Reverend Nonke!!!"

Euphonik practically single-handedly invented the whole "ms*nery" business, only he used the actual derogatory Zulu word, which Fresh has since adapted.

DJ Fresh's first day on the 947 drive show had Mzansi all kinds of excited. Fans across the country showered him with love on Twitter as he began his new show on August 01, 2019, after being sacked by the SABC in July 2019.