Hold up! So now 'Skeem Saam’s' Kwaito is telling Tbose not to break girls' hearts?

02 August 2019 - 10:25 By Kyle Zeeman
Cornet Mamabolo plays Tbose in 'Skeem Saam'.
Cornet Mamabolo plays Tbose in 'Skeem Saam'.
Image: Instagram/Cornet Mamabolo

Tbose is having serious relationship problems, so the last person he should probably be consulting is Kwaito. But here we are, and Kwaito is now telling his bestie not to break hearts.

Tbose has been suffering from a broken heart since Sihle showed him flames, and has decided the best way to deal is to dribble until he finds peace.

He has also been drinking heavily and living recklessly.

Moghels have been left dizzy by mfana's heart-breaker vibes and think he is a real tough guy.

His friends are now worried that he is going to go on a rampage, with Kwaito telling him not to play games with girls.

That is rich coming from the guy who was two-timing on his longtime girlfriend and broke her heart.

The irony was not lost on fans, who flocked to social media to vent their frustrations at Kwaito and laugh at Tbose's pain.